At 50, everything is just beginning: how to train if you are not already young

Social network users in July actively discussed the dance of the millionaire, Italian Gianluca Vacca, with his young wife, Georgia Gabriela. And, perhaps, this dance would not have attracted much attention if not for Gianluca himself, who at forty-nine merely looks amazing. Absolute originality distinguishes its plasticity and ability to move to deserve special attention, and the dance itself. The figure of Gianluca, undoubtedly, causes the envy of many men, even younger ones, especially since most people associate the rich with fat, clumsy men, on an expensive yacht surrounded by young models. For information on how to keep fit if you are not 20 years old, read the article by the columnist, fitness trainer and TV presenter Eduard Kanevsky.

It is people like Gianluca who break stereotypes. His instagram has a lot of photos of “a beautiful life”, a happy family, tattoos, but there are photos and videos from his workouts, including in the gym. Regular training, proper nutrition and proper motivation, this is his secret of youth – it cannot be otherwise. This means that absolutely every man can look the same and even better if he changes his lifestyle – watching TV with a bottle of beer – for an evening run in the park.

And there is no connection with the prosperity of the hero of my article and his physical form, because for regular training sometimes you don’t even need any equipment or specialized gyms at all, the main problem of most people is laziness.

But how to start training if the last time you were in the stadium or the gym was five, ten, or maybe someone twenty years ago? Or never really did? How to start training if you are far from twenty years old, and, perhaps, like the hero of this article, already under 50 years old? About this, in this article, which is explicitly dedicated to men aged forty plus. But young children also have something to learn from it, because of not only adults “start” themselves.

Where to begin?

If you have decided to take up your figure finally, first you need to understand what your health is. It is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity, as well as improper diet, lead to serious health problems, including, from the side of the cardiovascular system, digestive organs, musculoskeletal system and so on. Therefore, I recommend going through the adequate old medical examination without fail to everyone who finally decided to take care of themselves. If you are obese, I recommend that you look into the office of a nutritionist, since it is obesity that can give severe restrictions to specific physical activity. Also, without fail, you will need a doctor’s consultation – LFK. The more weight you have, the more rules you have and they must be taken into account when planning your workouts.

First trainings

There is nothing worse than a quick result. Moreover, an immediate result often backfires. This is especially true for people who want to lose weight. In dietetics, this is called the “yoyo effect”, when a person, using incorrect diets or even starvation, abruptly loses tens of extra pounds, and then, breaking down on food, adds more than he lost. Even if you decide to lose weight through physical activity or want to gain muscle mass, also with their help, and you are no longer 18, do not strive for a noticeable result in a short time at all. You can seriously harm yourself, in particular through serious injury. Remember, the slower the product, the more stable it is.

It was not for nothing that I mentioned the exercise therapy specialist. Suppose during the health check you did not reveal any pathologies. In that case, you are lucky, and you can train in almost any zone of the fitness club or on the street because running, rollerblading or cross-country skiing is not prohibited in winter. But what if you put on dozens of extra pounds, which severely restrict movement and increase the risk of injury? Yes, it would help if you saw a specialist. But if you do not have the opportunity to get to such, it’s okay, because for people with overweight there is always a universal shell – this is water. The main advantage of exercising in water is a decrease in the load on the joints and the spine, as well as an intense effect on all muscles of the body, which enhances the impact of training with an inevitable increase in calorie consumption. The best direction in the water is aqua aerobics, which many men defiantly ignore, they say, only women are engaged there. Although, this is the stupidest excuse if you have problems with being overweight and you want to lose weight. But on land, there is also an alternative for self-training. Firstly, this is brisk walking on rough terrain, if the load is not enough for you, then try Norwegian walking with special poles. Your main goal is to start exercising regularly.

How often and for how long?

In the first stages of training, three sessions a week for 45 minutes are enough. In the future, you can increase the duration of the lesson to an hour, twenty hours, but this time will include a warm-up before training and a mandatory cool-down at the end. Any full-fledged workout lasts an hour strictly. Remember, you are no longer teenagers who recover from workouts much faster than you do. Moreover, training too long can hurt yourself.


The gym is a mandatory component of training for men, not only for building a good figure but also for the work of the whole organism as a whole. The fact is that muscles do not grow without the male hormone testosterone, the level of which, with age, inevitably decreases. That is why men after 40 so need strength training as a real “means” to prolong male youth. Strength training has been shown to increase levels of a significant male hormone.

But you need to work out in the gym as carefully as possible. Gradually learning the technique of performing this or that movement, slowly increasing the weight of the weights and in no case trying to set “power records” The optimal mode of work for men after forty is 15-20 repetitions for three approaches in the first month of training. In the future, the number of repetitions can be reduced to 12-15.

You can be active, beautiful and slim at any age; the main thing is to want it. Remember, quality of life is determined not only by the thickness of your wallet but also by how you feel and look.

Cheating, pumping, etc.: the basics of fitness slang for beginners

The most budgetary fitness club or premium establishment with state-of-the-art equipment; a giant sports complex or a small basement “rocking chair” – it doesn’t matter where you go to practice. There will be good old barbells and dumbbells, which are also called “free weights”. And this is not surprising, because it has been proven that the most effective workouts (especially for those who want to gain muscle mass) are working with free weights.

Nearly fifty percent of all fitness club subscription buyers visit the gym to “sip” a barbell. But to do it right, it is not enough to have the right technique. It is also essential to understand the specialized terminology that people continuously use in gyms. The columnist for the Moscow 24 portal, fitness expert and TV presenter Eduard Kanevsky reveals the basic concepts that “pitching” uses.

Any industry has its terms, and when one of them speaks to another specialist, he immediately understands what he is talking about and performs the necessary action. It’s the same in the gym: when the coach says, “Don’t cheat!” – a competent ward immediately understands what exactly he did wrong. And the trainer does not need to spend a dozen words to quickly correct the technique of performing the exercise or make adjustments to the rhythm of the training.


A method that is used by all practitioners, without exception, and often incorrectly, since they do it intuitively, which, is not beneficial and can cause injury. So what is it? Cheating (from English – affair) in bodybuilding is the deliberate distortion of technique to perform more repetitions.

For example, when the practitioner performs “lifting the bar for biceps”. In the initial position, the back is straight; the bar must be held with a grip slightly wider than the shoulders, in the initial position, the arms are straight but tense. You need to bend them at the elbows and slowly straighten them to their original position. But when a person gets tired or takes too much weight, he leans forward and, with a sharp movement using the body, throws the bar up, and then just as quickly lowers it down. It turns out that the exercise is performed not by muscles, but by inertial movement. Yes, there is a small load, but when you force your muscles to work with a weight that they cannot handle, the training efficiency will be very low, but the risk of injury is high!
Cheating is needed to “finish off” the muscle in one or two reps – just after you have performed eight to twelve reps with high quality. Your muscles are tired, you feel an intense burning sensation, but you want to load them even more so that the result is better – this is where cheating is used. However, in the following way: you really help to raise the bar with an inertial motion with the help of the body, but you fix it in the upper position and return it to the starting position as slowly as possible, under control, straining your arms as much as possible.
Yes, it’s hard and even painful, but safe and effective. The same applies to any exercise where it is possible to “help” yourself with the body. But this option, when, for example, you perform a “bench press” and, to do more reps, “spring” the barbell against the chest – this is no longer cheating, but an insanely traumatic method. And if you want also to increase the load in the bench movements, then you will need another tactic, the description of which can be found below.

Forced repetitions

They are ideal for exercises where you cannot help yourself with inertial motion. For example “bench press”. At the moment when you completed the specified number of repetitions and the last repetition was given to you as hard as possible – do the following: lower the barbell as slowly as possible to the lowest point, and your partner or coach is already helping you straighten your arms. It is essential that the belayer does not lift the barbell for you, but only helps a little.

It turns out that your muscles are working beyond their capacity – this gives good strength stress and results. I would especially emphasize that it is better to perform forced repetitions no more than once and only in the final set. This method is used for all types of presses: barbells and dumbbells, for some types of deadlifts, and even for pull-ups on the bar.

But you must be properly insured. There are many videos on the Internet where the belayer is so illiterately trying to “help” that he drops the barbell on the occupant or himself, or takes the weight into another plane – because of which the person gets injured. If you are doing alone and need help, then it is better to ask the coach of the club than to an “idle” amateur.


An excellent method for working on muscle definition. From English, pump is a pump, that is, your task is to “pump” as much blood as possible into the working muscle for the approach. This is achieved by work with low weights, the highest quality exercise performance and a large number of repetitions – an average of 15-20 per set.

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